Why Buy A Dethleffs? – Why Join DOC?

Dethleffs..The UK’s Best-Kept Secret??

In Germany and Scandinavia, Dethleffs are the NUMBER ONE for motorhomes. They also figure highly for caravans.

Yet over here, they aren’t as well-known….YET !

Why are they number one in Germany and Scandinavia?

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Dethleffs offer the thickest floor, ceiling, walls and roof , highest density insulation and a special, patented construction method involving thick dowels makes them very long-lasting, strong and more usable even in snow or in very hot weather. (see picture taken at our Factory Trip to Isny).

These dowels prevent the body from twisting which would cause leaks and breaking furniture. This is why your Dethleffs will keep its value much better for much longer!

I am putting together a virtual factory tour slide show for you to see for yourself.

Dethleffs offer GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & PARTS AVAILABILITY. They have just won three awards for After-Sales Service.

Also, Dethleffs keep spare parts available for YEARS and we can routinely get parts for 1990’s vehicles. They speak fluent English and have never let us down when we help our members.

We have many members with early 1990’s GlobeTrotters and owners with 1970’s Dethleffs Caravans that are still in excellent condition. We have a 1982 Dethleffs caravan (still used and dry). We also have a newer Dethleffs Motorhome and we loved it so much that we started this club!

We welcome DOC members with these older vehicles….they demonstrate the wisdom of buying a new Dethleffs.

Why Join the Dethleffs Owners Club each year?

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Hopefully we can make this a ‘no-brainer’ by saving you more than membership costs (£15 pa). Our insurance ‘people power’ survey of our members for the best deals will almost certainly save you over £100 pa on your insurance. This alone makes it easy to justify joining yearly but there is MUCH MORE as well:

  • Free email helpline to get parts or advice. This could get you out of trouble anywhere in the world.
  • Clout with dealers if needed. They don’t want to upset ALL of us by treating one member badly.
  • Free english manuals and wiring diagrams etc for imported Dethleffs.
  • Save 5% on Dethleffs parts.
  • Great factory trip weekend and other get-togethers.
  • Regular newsletters./Meet us at NEC.
  • We do PR to help to keep prices high.
  • Free For Sale page for members.
  • Dusseldorf show report to keep you up to date.

[blockquote author=”many thanks Dawn “]Hi Richard Thanks for the info. I’ve saved just over £330 by switching to (insurer on member shortlist) – almost didn’t believe it but couldn’t find reason not to insure with them. Reviews were good and underwriting by Aviva gives confidence.Safeguard (current insurers) didn’t do a price match. [/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”kind regards L & A”]Hi Richard Many thanks for your recent email, were really pleased with the help we are receiving from yourselves. We followed up on your advise on the best insurers and slashed our best quote by over £340 (sureterm quoted £581 & we took up a policy with for £241) our subscription was a very wise investment. [/blockquote]

This year we have helped to solve over 65 members’ problems..some of them serious. We are just launching the email back by return Tech-Helpline. This is manned by an award-winning Dethleffs Technical agent, Steve Carding. He has the full Dethleffs database and is authorised to conduct warranty work.

[blockquote author=”Pete White”]Hello Richard Jane, just to say what a great help Steve Carding has been. We are here Spain and have had trouble with the fridge, email call to Steve sorted it all out, don’t want warm beer! Merry Christmas and a happy new year. [/blockquote]

Together we have clout. Dealers can be cavalier at times. With over 300 members, what dealer would risk upsetting a DOC member?

We organise GREAT, fun get-togethers at interesting events. You can meet us at the NEC in October.

We offer English language manuals.

We know who are great dealers who stick to their word and who to steer away from ~ ASK BEFORE YOU BUY!

We work to keep resale values high by increasing awareness of Dethleffs as a quality brand.

We are not-for-profit and our £15 per year fee helps to cover the website and running costs.

Join us today!