Following a detailed discussion with Martin , the Technical /Product support head honcho at Gaslow I can report the following :

Shell are closing their LPG sites following” a tiff “with Calor Gas which resulted in their firm Autogas making all 50 staff redundant    in Feb 2020. 

BP however have a little brighter news , Yes they are closing LPG pumps on the sites they own outright , which leaves about 92%of the  franchised BP sites still running  Currently there are 692 sites in the uk just now .

It has been on here before , but for an accurate guide and thus do not rely on media gossip is a site called  reasonable accurate information provided day by day user entry. It is recommended that you try and use in on a web based connection , and not just the “app on the phone line” . Another site is for Europe. 

We may be going towards electric vehicles, but 12 volt will not power our fridges and cookers when no EHU is available . The other reason for restrictions is the Covidiot Types filling individual   calor bottles , in particular the recalled “lite” bottles . Pleas dont do it . The lite bottles rust out from the inside . This is why they are hardly ever sold “filled” nowadays.