From the New Year (2024), the Club have arranged a 15% discount of this companies products   and a further 5% of our total sales will be given back to the Club for our own purposes , ie a raffle prize , assist with admin costs, make a Charity Donation etc as WE feel appropriate.

The Company is called  POWAIR   ltd   and have their own web page   with all the technical stuff explained  and at present interested in their scent .   Apple Crumble , Passion Fruit , Lemon grass and Tropical Breeze  to neutralise   inside (and incoming)  “Odours “.

Their web page does explain more about their products and current offers etc, hence it may be worth a look before going further .

Their prices are below  BUT please appreciate it is discounted and you can compare on Amazon

Our Club priceless is below:   “just click the link” and yes , they include Vat .(  note the quantities in a case )

UK Buyers Club Price List November 23

Incase it is still all a mystery please look at their web page

To obtain this discount  please use DOC15  in the appropriate box on the web order form or email order request  to :          or  Telephone :  01472 426 500

Delivery is per their web page  . Free over £35 order   and Next day post £5.95

No personal  experience of  the product  yet .