Well, you have done it again, beaten our previous collection and this year a magnificent £974 was raised and has been shared between Pancreatic Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer Research.

The Rally was held from August 21st to 23rd and once the initial storm passed through the Rally got under way. with one last moment cancellation due to a mechanical failure. 19 vans attended and so pleased to see a fair percentage new and first time members.

Covid restricted our normal fully relaxed approach to the weekend and I hope it did not affect you view of our meeting.

On Saturday we had a surprise local trip on a vintage double decker bus to see a private collection of vehicles “our parents ” would have seen and a live up and running Steam engine.

The now traditional Fish & Chip supper arrived when a slightly flustered Kia delivered some 42 meals. An excellent logistics achievement , but I do think the writing is on the wall as to the way we review how many members we can have attending at once.

Following the meal, we held the Raffle. A big Thank again for all who donated prizes in all shapes and sizes, and I have already written to our Commercial donors.

The normal walk for Saturday , took place on Sunday afternoon with the flock of dogs all having a great time on the open Forest.

Again due to Covid, Sunday evening was more of a DIY meal and not the normal impromptu BBQ