I recently made an enquiry with Michelin regarding the mystery of Tyre Pressures for our Motorhomes. I can do no better than to print out the letter I received by return:

Thank you for contacting Michelin customer care. Regarding your query, the recommended tyre pressure, for tyres equipped with metal valves, the rear (single) axle of a motorhome running on the MICHELIN Agilis Camping is 80 PSI (5,5bar) and for twin axle 69PSI (4,75bar).  This is due to the construction of the tyre with 2 casing plies enabling the use of higher pressures. Its construction and the use of higher pressures is designed to cope with continual heavy loads sometimes found on motorhomes and can help with wear pattern issues, if lower pressures are used particularly on the rear axle.

The front tyres however can be adjusted down to a pressure of 65 PSI for a more comfortable ride and optimum performance. Here are some safety points to be taken into account when it comes to tyre pressures:

  1. Always check the pressures when the vehicle tyres are cold. We consider the tyres as being cold if they haven’t been used for at least 2 hours of it they have rolled less than 3 miles at low speed. If the tyres are not under these conditions they are considered to be hot.
  2. When the tyres are hot you should always add 4,4 PSI to the recommended  pressure.
  3. Please remember – Never deflate a hot tyre!

I hope this information was helpful and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

We are happy to help.

Kind regards,

Panu Koljonen
MICHELIN Customer Care
Passenger Car & Light Truck Tyres
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