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Our informal club is run by members for members on a not for profit basis .

We are totally self funded , but assistance from Dethleffs is always available to us

       Still only £15  a year 

 Our aim is simple: to increase your pleasure and decrease the costs of owning your super Dethleffs

M27 Road Closure Southampton area January 2020 For any one on an extended Christmas tour returning to London from the deep South , or those…

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If you take part in the MMM weekend shows around the Country , then here is you chance for som discount or even go free.…

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Please see the recall from Thule Omnistor “The drive wheel of the Nice 230V tubular motor can separate itself from the motor, causing an inadvertent and uncontrolled opening…

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With your safety in mind and the value of your Dethleffs being maintained please read on. The subject has been raised on the Facebook discussions…

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We have been working behind the scenes again for you, For those that fancy exchanging your Halogen bulbs in the van for LED fittings ,…

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I have had a contact from Landsdownecamping.org.uk . I personally have not visited this site, nor do I know the area , thus am unable to make…

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NeuSchwanstein Castle Bavaria

Dethleffs Factory Visit
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DOC Insurance Survey

Insurance Survey
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