Dethleffs build more motorhomes that any other European brand, and exports a fair few of them too.

At the 2015 launch event – themed around the football World Cup – there were dealers from over 20 territories in attendance, from countries as far afield as Israel, China and Japan.

In all territories that Dethleffs exports to, the brand is renowned for design flair and build quality. Part of the giant Hymer Group, Dethleffs ’vans are pitched at younger buyers and their styling reflects that. Expect to see bold colour schemes, contemporary fabrics and quirky fixtures and fittings, to accompany the genuine innovation and willingness to try something new. Take last season’s Evan, for example, an A-class with campervan influences that’s designed to appeal to young professionals who can use it for the office run during the week, then take it off to the beach at the weekends.

What’s changed

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For 2015, Dethleffs hasn’t unveiled any new ranges. Instead, it has consolidated its current offering. With the entire portfolio based on the facelifted Fiat cabs, there are spec bumps to every model. Advantage receives a root-and-branch redesign and the A-class Globetrotter XLi is refreshed. The other ranges go into 2015 unchanged, apart from the base vehicle update – Globebus, Trend, Globe 4, Magic Edition 4/Magic Edition, Esprit, Esprit Comfort and Evan. Dethleffs’ budget brand, Sunlight, gets two new models and a special 10-year edition.

The headlines

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Advantage has been improved to consolidate its position between Dethleffs’ entry level and mid-market ranges. It has been re-engineered inside and out, with habitations now assembled using a new method called Lifetime Plus – Dethleffs claims this will make vehicles rot-free while saving weight.

Six models are available, and these can be specified in low-profile and A-class flavours. All are built on 3500kg chassis. The popular configurations are covered, including French beds (5901, 6.4m, and 6601, 6.9m), a transverse rear bed (6671, 6.9m), fixed twin singles (6611, 6.9m, and 7051 EB, 7.4m) and an island bed (7051 DBM, 7.4m).

Improvements to Advantage include wider habitation doors, large 142-litre fridges with bottle drawers, and flyscreen doors and electrical entrance steps fitted as standard. Kitchens benefit from split cooker covers and new work surface extensions; lounges get new tables and wider seating, and mood lighting is fitted throughout the new interiors. In A-class versions of the Advantage (and all Dethleffs A-class motorhomes), pull-down beds and cab blinds now come as standard.

To complement the mid-toned Noce Solista wood finish, two new colour schemes are available: the white and light brown Chevron, and dark brown Baku. The Chassis (base vehicle) and Family (habitation) options packages continue, available on both low-profile and A-class models.

Prices for Advantage low-profiles start at £55,590 (5901), reaching £57,390 for the 7051 EB. The A-class versions are priced from £63,990 (5901), topping out at £66,790 for the 7051 EB. Prices quoted include delivery and OTR charges of £2100.

At the top of the portfolio, there are changes to the Globetrotter XLi. Riding on the new Fiat Ducato with Al-Ko low-frame chassis, the range gets ESP as standard for 2015, and an automatic gearbox is available as an option on the 180bhp engine, for orders made from this autumn. The living quarters have been completely revised, using the new Lifetime Plus bodyshell construction method. There are two equipment levels, XLi or XLi Premium.

The new Globetrotter exteriors have new two-piece front and rear GRP panels, LED daytime running lights, LED rear lights and new habitation doors. Inside, low-weight furniture has been used, with three new soft furnishings schemes and a comfortable lounge with extra large window. There are two different designs of overhead locker, new kitchens and an en suite washroom similar to the Premium Liner.

An extensive standard kit list includes an electrically operated drop-down bed, LED lighting, a wide habitation door, night illumination, horizontal windscreen blinds, Alde heating and separate control of the heating in the living and sleeping area. Additional equipment includes air-driven cab seats, electrical front blinds, central locking, an electrical awning and a Jehnert sound system.

Two options packages can be ordered. The Travel Package adds extras like a cab door, aluminium-trim dash and Telair air-con, or you can have the Premium Version XLi Package, which adds goodies including 16in alloys, a weight increase to 5400kg, air-driven seats, the Premium White exterior colour and habitation central locking. You can specify a white front and rear, with Titan Silver or Travertin Beige sidewalls; Premium trim allows you to have the front and rear fully painted.

Prices for the Globetrotter XLi models start from £91,790, including delivery and OTR charges of £2100.

Sunlight, Dethleffs’ budget brand, also gets a makeover for 2015 and celebrates its 10th birthday. Upgrades to the Fiat base vehicle mean that safety features ESP, ASR and hill hold have been added. Low-profile models get a new front hood, rear bumper, new front decals and a new Macadamia soft furnishings scheme replaces the current Sunflower one.

There are changes to the line-up, too. The rear transverse bed T 60 replaces the T 57, the new T 65 offers a rear transverse bed and optional drop-down bed on a 6.99m-long low-frame chassis. The T 69 is now known as the T 69 L, and is joined by the slightly shorter T 69 S. This features a rear island bed, again on a 6.99m-long low-frame chassis.

A special 10 Years Edition has also been launched, on two models only – the twin single beds T 68 and T 69 L. This sports silver sides, leather and cloth upholstery, and an ‘All in One’ package of extras comprising automatic SAT system, 19in LED TV, TV bracket, 4.5m awning and four-cycle bike rack.

In other news…

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Fiat Ducato base vehicle updates see the addition of safety features ESP with hill hold, and ASR (traction control) on long-wheelbase and tag-axle ’vans. Travelling seat headrests now retract into the backrest, and low-profiles and coachbuilts receive new captain’s chairs in the cab. A-class models get Aguti front seats.

Cab doors are now available in the Family package, blinds are standard for all A-class models, and electric entrance steps are fitted to all Trend, Advantage, Globe 4, Esprit and Esprit Comfort models. Flyscreen doors are now standard, except on Trend and Evan motorhomes.

The new Lifetime Plus bodyshell construction method will also be used to build all models from the Advantage range upwards – Globebus and Trend are not affected.