Cleaning the fresh water system

Cleaning and disinfecting the fresh water system is very important as it protects your health and the health of your fellow travellers. Your caravan dealership will stock the right products if you don’t have them at home. In this case, you should either buy online or postpone cleaning the fresh water system for a little while. Please try to avoid visiting shops unless it is absolutely necessary.

You must clean your fresh water system, as having a clean system is the only way to minimise the risk of contamination in the drinking water. It is important to not only clean the tank, but the entire pipe system here. Above all, do not forget the supply pipes and filler pipe, as these are often the cause of contaminated water. Accessory suppliers will stock plenty of products for cleaning the system. Most of them use chlorine as a disinfectant, as it also combats biofilms, i.e. deposits in hard-to-reach parts of the tank and pipes where bacteria can breed.