Take your motorhome out of hibernation

Your beloved motorhome coming out of hibernation is so exciting. In a similar vein to caravans, there are some things to note when staying safe in your motorhome this caravan season. At this juncture, we would like to make it clear that we strongly advise against going on trips, given the current situation. Please stay at home for as long as the circumstances require. After all, the only way we are going to get through these turbulent times is if we all do our bit.

If your motorhome is on your private courtyard or private grounds near your home, there is nothing wrong with doing some initial vehicle checks. Please avoid unnecessary trips to the dealership if you are missing the tools you need to give your motorhome a spring clean and do these tasks another time.

On the following pages, we have compiled our top tips to prep your motorhome for the next caravan season. Do not miss deadlines for the MOT, vehicle tax or insurance (or any other mandatory vehicle checks in your country) and be aware that you may need to refuel your motorhome differently to your usual vehicle.

In addition, it’s not just your home that benefits from a good old-fashioned spring clean – your motorhome does, too. We explain how to prevent the paintwork from being damaged in our top 10 tips.

You will also learn more about technical vehicle checks, the technology in general and the water system. You can also read up on how to check your tyres are still OK and the equipment you should have on board.

[Translate to International:] UNterwegs zum Camping im Wohnmobil

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