On-board electronics and automotive technology

On-board electronics checks

To prevent any unpleasant surprises on your first drive, we recommend testing all the on-board electronics, i.e. the heating, boiler and electrics, to make sure everything works. This is especially important in motorhomes! Pay particular attention to the on-board battery here. First of all, it needs to be fully charged via the 230 V connection. The external power supply then needs to be disconnected and the conventional consumers switched on. If the battery goes flat after a short while, we recommend replacing it.

Automotive technology checks

Now it’s time to look at your vehicle’s automotive technology. Test the entire lighting system to make sure it all works. You will need a second pair of eyes here. One of you sits in the cab and turns on the various lights, while the other checks the front and rear of the vehicle to make sure everything is working. Start with the parking light, dipped beam, full beam and indicators. Then check the tail lights.

Press the brakes – do the brake lights come on at the rear? Then put the vehicle in reverse – are the reverse lights on? Lastly, tap the horn once to check it’s working – you will need it as a warning signal in an emergency. The tyres keep the vehicle on the road, so they deserve more attention than they often receive. Check the tread depth – if it’s less than 2.5 millimetres then your first journey should be to the garage to have the tyres changed. Then check the tyre pressure – when the tyres are cold, of course – and put air in them as necessary.

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You will find the correct pressure values in the vehicle documents. Is your vehicle due to undergo routine checks such as the MOT soon?

The vehicle’s service history log book will show whether the vehicle is due a service or oil change. If one is due, you should book it in with your garage so that you can depart on your first trip feeling relaxed, without a worry in the worl