This is an important document if you wish to escape UK shores to live in Europe or further afield ,  (Export) OR , to Import a none UK registered vehicle in to the UK permanently ( more than 12 months ).

The document , mainly in German , is one of the documents in your bundle of papers that came with the Manual ans initial documents on Handover.  Most of us never see them again , until looking through the bundle and discounting a page of German techno. Speak .

Replacements are available for UK registered vehicles as they had to be imported from day one.  Your dealer has to apply for it via Isny. They are individual documents and not “just print another one off “. In 2019 the price was @ £150 for the complete service , hence the phrase important document, particularly as we enter our None EU membership period.

If your dealer is reluctant to help with this “ homogaltion “ document , then we may be able to help via our appointed agent , but only for UK vehicles and not pre registered LHD vehicles .