With the potential advent of our European Traffic enforcement agencies thinking of ways of interrupting our smooth passage across Europe next year, along with International Driver Licence , Green card , you may get asked for your Vehicle Safety Document or similar phrase.

Hopefully  you will not get stopped or even asked , but from experience I find if you have the paperwork to produce, no one ever asks for it , except the insignificant one you don’t have.

Because there are pages of it , all I can offer is the link to the Dethleffs.de page so its all in German , but I have translated some of it and the rest is fairly self explanatory with its schematic diagrams . It may also be useful for None Dethleffs engineers working on your van to identify vital parts.

Translation of part one , then you go and choose your Year from the column on the left , and exact model from the list on the right.    Good Luck

Rescue cards can save lives! Because here rescue workers can find all vehicle-relevant information on possible sources of danger such as the positions of the fuel tank, gas bottles or airbags.

Please print out the rescue card that matches your vehicle and place it in the space provided behind the driver’s sun visor.

For model years older than 2012, the specialist magazine promobil offers instructions on how to create your own rescue card with appropriate templates.

Create a rescue card yourself

The link you need is below in a shade of blue  , but remember when you have finished, you will have been taken away from this DOC web site .