Dethleffs do not provide wiring diagrams other than a basic generic one  to the factory floor.
Unlike the motor trade because two models in line with each other going down the production chain  could have the boiler, fridge, fuse box, mains incoming fuse box and EHU socket ,Alde Heating or Truma heating, shower and loo fittings all in different places , even the Factory only have a generic plan and not like a full motor vehicles diagram.
With vehicle wiring for the rear lights and indicator running along side all the habitation electrical requirements for mains and or 12v operation, you can see things are going to be very complicated.  Hence for specific problems / questions,  we rely on being able  to sort cable runs with the Dealers or Service Partners who are ALL Dethleffs trained.
One basic thing that doesn’t help is all the colours are different to our way of thinking, let alone their polarity is the other way round to ours !
So hopefully , you can see with Pulse, Trend, Esprit, Alpa, Just 90 ,Globebus, Globetrotter and anniversary versions ; all with about 4 variants you can see what a production nightmare the task of producing a  vehicle “specific” diagram will prove to be.
Like most “maps” once they are printed, the design changes and they are out of date.
Most of us , like the Dealer Electricians , have to play around with circuit testers and their beeps to see if the grey wire that disappears form the fuse box , is the same one that comes out in the fridge electrics collection ,  the boiler  or heating pump etc.
If your sole intention for joining the Club  is to get a wiring, water or gas diagrams then I am sorry they don’t exist other than in Isny , I will refund your subs instantly . ( for those who have just joined)
This has happened before , hence I point it out now to save your later frustrations.
On the plus side , the vast majority of problems get sorted by : asking the audience on the Closed Group with a few photo’s . You will not be the first to ask “ What does this wire / switch do ?