As you may know from your the Warranty section of your Manuals , we are required to present the Vehicle or Caravan at a Dealership month either side of the annual service date (purchase date) .

Particularly during the first 6 years for the Ingress warranty to be maintained.

The guarantee begins on the day of the initial registration or delivery of the vehicle to the customer, 1 year at the latest after delivery to the dealer, and is valid while the vehicle is in use, for 6 years at the longest. If initial registration of the vehicle precedes taking delivery, the warranty commences on the vehicle’s initial registration date (warranty qualifying date). A change of ownership of the purchased object has no effect on the guarantee obligations. The guarantee expires if the terms outlined in Paragraph 3 are not complied with. The performance of guarantee work does not increase the guarantee period.

However , this recent Pandemic interference has revealed another Extension that Dethleffs will consider. It has always been available for those who spend a lot of time travelling and may be out of any Countries with a Deffy Dealer .

In these and the Pandemic circumstances , with Dealers Closed / Restricted Operation limits / etc  , they will extend it to a 6 month period from the original anniversary registration date. I would suggest you confer with your dealer as soon as your circumstances change and just not turn up uninvited 5 months and 29days later. You will not be popular.

But , there is a draw back here , you can only extend it the for the 6 month option once. It must not become a habit.

The next years service must take place around the original  Anniversary date .

For example, Anniversary date September 10th 2020 .Because of covid, travelling , the next pandemic or national crisis I can arrange to delay the service to March 10th 2021 . However , the next service will still have to be carried out in September 2021 as the “extension” does not move the Anniversary date to March 2021. Do not confuse this with MOT rules .