It is with great sadness that we have to pass on the following news to you all. I have today, 7th August 2019 , received information from Germany that the 2020 Family Treff has been cancelled for ” internal reasons”.

However in the same message, I was also told “we would like to arrange a big International Club Meeting / Family Meeting in 2021 for our 90th birthday and we would like to invite you to it (21.05.2021 – 24.05.2021). “

Privately arranged visits are not affected and again as at present, I have no ideas of the numbers of members invited or individual costings, so we will not be drawing up a waiting list until the details are published, probably late 2020.

This now leaves us free to arrange a Deffy Trip and the possibility of Croatia or Poland has come up. Anyone with some helpful stopover suggestions or POI’s on the way would be helpful.

Chris & Wendy