With your safety in mind and the value of your Dethleffs being maintained please read on.

The subject has been raised on the Facebook discussions with questions like, where can I put an Air Conditioning Unit on the roof? Can I put a spare wheel on the roof ? Can I walk on the roof of the Motorhome? Replies are varied, mostly polite, but one was ” My husband is always walking round up there! ”

As we know, and have seen, the engineers /  service staff do walk on them but, they  know where the supports are. Walking about on the roof is not for the faint hearted. If you do, make sure you have flat rubber shoes, not ridged trainers. Do not kneel on the roof, your knees will leave dents and your toe caps from the shoes.

If you must work on the roof, consider suitable planks across the roof rails  for serious maintenance work, but for washing off, use a suitable supported ladder and a long length water brush. Also consider a blanket / sheet under a sizeable section of Half inch minimum plywood.

Also remember , the web page is the official Chanel of information for Club members. For example, we have some 400 members of whom only some 180 are members of the Closed Group Facebook page.