Much kinder to the environment and you can dump in normal loos.

We have been helping an Aussie couple to discover Europe. When they came over here to start their two year tour, Roger and Hilda asked me where they could buy sodium percarbonate. What?, I asked. ‘You know, Nappiesan’.

‘Don’t you use the nasty blue stuff containing formaldehyde ‘? I enquired.

‘No, this can be scooped in and the chemicals work while it fizzes and then it becomes neutral. It breaks everything down and doesn’t smell. You can dispose of it anywhere and it doesn’t harm nature.’

[one_half]So we searched and found ‘Tesco Oxi-Power Stain Remover ‘ with the all-important sodium percarbonate and we have trialled it over five weeks in our Dethleffs. Superb. Thanks, Roger & Hilda !!

It does everything better than the blue fluid or tablets but it doesn’t dye the cassette load blue, so be prepared, it is broken down, easy to pour and doesn’t smell, but it is still brownish!

Much cheaper!! One tub of blue tablets, £13.50, one tub of Tesco Oxi £2.60.


You will almost save your year’s Dethleffs Owners Club UK Membership with your first tub!! Give it a try.