Dethleffs Owners Club UK  Poland Trip 2020

The next European Rally will be to Poznan in Poland  around the middle to the end of May 2020. So in any event check your passport has at least 6 months left to run on it. 

No fixed dates yet, but to establish some confirmed interest, the Camp Site Camping Poznan Malta have offered us a 10% discount if we can muster at least 10 vans.

Prices to be confirmed for 2020 , but presently £15  or 17 € a night and a meal in the restaurant for £5 a head.

Where is Poznan , I hear you ask.    Well , find Berlin on a map and go East , or to the right  and the A2 goes straight to it . 

The Old Town is very picturesque 

 along with the history of the Underground chambers in the Cathedral.

 Other temptations are the  Former Imperial Castle

 the Billy goats at Noon.  I think this is their take on the Edinburgh  midday cannon etc.

The basic trip for us , personally  will be via France , Netherlands , Germany ( Madam President wishes to visit Berlin) then on to Poznan for four nights. ( Extendable if you wish to make you own arrangements with Camping Malta.

St Martins Croissant looks interesting? Below   

This will leave you free then to discover where you wander en route to Poland , and then the chance to go on to Krakow , (Auschwitz)   Warsaw etc under your own steam. 

You may recall we do not travel in a convoy , but like Finland and the Pyrenees and Spain last year we have each others phone details just in case etc.

Our own trip home will be via the salt mines at Wielickza 

No official trips have been arranged yet for the Poznan days , but it is being investigated by a friend in Poland and a Member is very kindly making enquiries with her old Touring Company contacts . The site Camping Malta do not arrange trips , so  things may be slightly different this time round, but, as I say, enquiries are being made.

There is also the possibility of information about ww battlefields etc we may pass on the way. 

This  article is just to establish if we have enough interest to take us up to or even over the 10 , so please  confirm your interest by direct email to me at so I can compile a list and keep the interested folk informed as things develop. There is no commitment at this stage, no fees, just a show of interest please.

As another as-side , check your travel insurance , as we may not have a reciprocal arrangement set up  by then . 

Thanks  Chris & Wendy.