Dethleffs is not  well known to the Leisure Spare .com’S  Caravan and  general motorhome dealers in the uk . For example the vast majority have no idea of the 6 year water ingress warranty requirements.  ( no I am not going to explain here) .

We all know that many “parts” are in vast use across the whole  Caravan and Motorhome industry , but as we also know, some parts are Dethleffs specific , hence we need to turn for help.

So  Please support the” Deffy Dealers” who do have a specialist knowledge in the brand and what spare goes where . It will also help maintain those that  offer the Deffy Deal service price.

There may be a variable discount offer on your spare part , but no across the board discount for parts is available because of the animal we are dealing with.  Remember your VIN ,

Participating Dealers so far ( and looking for more )

Reliance CMS    . Best to Email , with VIN     0r   01243 940050

South West Leisure Spares       or       01460 5752           They also stock All the paint ( touchup sticks)  and kitchen bits we may need.