Dethleffs make more caravans thatchy do Motorhomes but due to a change in UK fire regulation for “living vans” and not motorhomes , about 15 years ago .
Dethleffs decided that they would not introduce a new system purely for the UK market for basically exactly the same furniture in both  “living areas”

It also coincided with an increasing number of the” traveller ” population acquiring the twin wheel versions of the brand and wanted to avoid the potential  publicity .

However , all is not lost.  There is a Dutch Motorhome and Caravan dealer who will export one for you , despite the fact you have to go and collect it to initially “Import “it. , but only from Holland.

DE Klerk Caravans . Full details below . Dethleffs do not build UK spec vehicles , so yo may have to ask De Klerk to exchange the Euro type plug face plates to our 3 pin version.    the email and web pages below should work fine , They did before I published the page.

De Klerk Caravans
Haarlemmerstraat 1B
2182 HA Hillegom
Tel: / +31 252 51 52 38
Fax: /