Attention. all those going to the Mountains in France and beware of the south of France .SNOW CHAINS MANDATORYA new law is to make snow tyres or snow chains compulsory in mountain areas of France from 1st November until 31st March next year. Drivers of vehicles without snow tyres/chains who are involved in a snow related accident or traffic jam will be liable to a 135€ fine. The law will apply in up to 48 departments of France that are in these designated mountain areas.

AVOID AN ACCIDENT IN MARSEILLE!The French government has announced that speed cameras in France have now started to track whether any French vehicles that are “flashed” are insured. They have also revealed that the city that has the most uninsured vehicles is Marseille where 1 in 5 vehicles are not covered by insurance. The government estimate that there are at present a total of 700,000 uninsured vehicles on the roads of France & fines for not having insurance can range from 500€ to 7,500€.