If you take part in the MMM weekend shows around the Country , then here is your chance for some discount or even go free. Offer to be a Marshall, but you will need to be quick.

Take a look at this link below , and if any of the dates suit you then please complete the form and let me know which “Show” you will be Marshalling and collect your numbers and may be get your free weekend!

Club Marshal – Booking Form 2020

I have had message from MMM today asking for details of the Rallies we wish to attend in 2020. They would like to see our potential MMM rallies registered with them by 22 November . So , once again if anyone would like to nominate themselves to be a Marshal at any of the rallies, please log your interest with them. Thanks.

This is a reminder to the email Carrie sent to you on Wednesday the 23rd October. Please see the email below for reference.

We do require all club reservation forms to be completed and returned to us by the 22nd of November please, to ensure your Club area is available for your members to pre-book their pitch when our 2020 Shows go live.

However, if your Club has decided not to rally with us in the future, please kindly respond so that we do not chase you further.

We look forward to receiving a response from you shortly.

If no one wishes to be a Marshal for us , then please advise if I should request to have our Club details removed from their register.

Thanks, Chris