Dethleffs Owners Club UK  Poland Trip 2020

The next European Rally will be to Poznan in Poland  around the middle to the end of May 2020. So in any event check your passport has at least 6 months left to run on it.

No fixed dates yet, but to establish some confirmed interest , the Camp Site    Camping Poznan Malta  have offered us a 10% discount if we can muster at least 10 vans.

Prices to be confirmed for 2020 , but presently £15  or 17 € a night and a meal in the restaurant for £5 a head.

Where is Poznan , I hear you ask.    Well , find Berlin on a map and go East , or to the right  and the A2 goes straight to it.

The Old Town is very picturesque

along with the history of the Underground chambers in the Cathedral.

Other temptations are the  Former Imperial Castle

the Billy goats at Noon.  I think this is their take on the Edinburgh  midday cannon etc.

The basic trip for us , personally  will be via France , Netherlands , Germany (Madam President wishes to visit Berlin) then on to Poznan for four nights. (Extendable if you wish to make you own arrangements with Camping Malta.)

St Martins Croissant looks interesting? below

This will leave you free then to discover where you wander en route to Poland, and then the chance to go on to Krakow , (Auschwitz) Warsaw etc under your own steam.

You may recall we do not travel in a convoy , but like Finland and the Pyrenees and Spain last year we have each others phone details just in case etc.

Our own trip home will be via the salt mines at Wielickza

No official trips have been arranged yet for the Poznan days , but it is being investigated by a friend in Poland and a Member is very kindly making enquiries with her old Touring Company contacts . The site Camping Malta do not arrange trips, so  things may be slightly different this time round, but, as I say, enquiries are being made.

There is also the possibility of information about ww battlefields etc we may pass on the way.

This  article is just to establish if we have enough interest to take us up to or even over the 10 , so please  confirm your interest by direct email to me at so I can compile a list and keep the interested folk informed as things develop   There is not commitment at this stage, no fees, just a show of interest please.

As another as-side , check your travel insurance , as we may not have a reciprocal arrangement set up  by then.

Thanks Chris & Wendy.

LATEST UPDATE in case the 8th Dec hasn’t reached you yet.

Hello Everyone, In the midst of Christmas Cards, Christmas functions, I know this is just what you need! Oh silly me, I totally overlooked the Election of some sort!
But please spare a few moments having a read, as I do understand it is easy spending members money, BUT, only with their consent.
Following the last Round Robin update  I received sufficient replies to confirm the trip, and I now need to firm up on the booking of the Poznan Camp site, the two evening meals (First and last evening) , the guided tour of the Old Town etc by tram and English speaking guide, and a trip described as Military Poland involving the Citadel, the Fort Museum and Poznan Fortress.

However, I promised you an update of our dates for the Poland  trip in 2020.   May 19th to May 22nd. (inclusive nights in Poland )

We have chosen our dates to be in Poznan Poland for our rally in 2020.
Our basic four nights will be Tuesday 19th May to Friday 22nd May 2020 .   It is in the city of Poznan (directly east of Berlin)
The campsite is: the Camping Malta site in Poznan. (details below for research) You will also need Natalia’s details to extend your stay before or after the above dates if you wish.
Natalia Necelman-Brzezińska (my contact)Restauracja Rycerska
Poznańskie Ośrodki Sportu i Rekreacji ul. Krańcowa 98 61-036 Poznań tel. +48 61 876 61 55, tel. +48 61 876 62 03
Their basic charge for pitch with electric is £15 a night  (17€), but hopefully we will have more than 10 vans so we will get a 10% discount as well !
We hope to have a “Welcome Dinner“ on the Tuesday night, and a farewell Dinner on the Friday night. should be @ 10 zloty per head, but NOT confirmed yet, seeking sample menu’s. There is some idea on their web page above and you can select English language.
Th Walking Tour of the Old Town  on the Wednesday 23rd will be by Tram from very near the camp site  3 zloty each!!, and English guide for the 3-4 hr trip will be £11 each iF we get 30 persons!  Hopefully we will end near a restaurant where your lunch arrangements can be attended to. There is also the possibility of going to a huge shopping mall Stary Browar, in an old brewery afterwards .
This leaves Thursday as a free day.
The trip to the Fortress etc on the Friday 22nd @ 3hrs including the guide and Coach is 90 zloty each roughly £18 each and again a minimal entrance fee.

Very VERY roughly for 4 nights camp fee, the 2 meals, walking trip and Coach trip will be @£150 per van. Still very rough as I have not taken off the 10% camp discount yet.
Both Campsite and Coach company have requested numbers and some confirmation to secure transport and a guide for our purposes, SO I  need to firm up on the numbers NOW (please)
I know I circulated a previous message, but this time I would like a response from you all: If possible within 7 days please? 1)Confirming or Withdrawing  from the trip
2)Your vans registration number, the camp site need this, plus it may help if you spot a Deffy en route.
3) If you are willing to share amongst the group only, your mobile number,  for emergency or general contact
4) Your partners name

For any one with a van over 3.5 tons unladen weight You will need to collect a ViaToll box from near the border (no this has always been the case and nothing to do with Brexit) just look up Via Toll Poland and all will be revealed , but only if you are over 3.5 . It is only for toll roads basically, but your weight may require you to carry one 24/7 in Poland.

I do have contact with an English speaking Polish dealer who has offered assistance below : if it helps, they are in Gdansk ! ? !

If members of your club who come to Poland and have problems with their motorhome’s or caravan’s, please contact us. We will help in the problem. We will also provide all information about traveling in our country. We repair, assemble, sell accessories.
We cordially invite you.
Pozdrawiam, Piotr Bolek

CaraFun – Dethleffs Dealer and Servicepartner

(+48) 668 555 888

That’s about it for now folks , We look forward to your replies.
Chris & Wendy