We regulalry get asked  “How much will a replacement screen cost for my A class ”      

Well, hope you are sitting down at the 2022 price is @ £3000 . Hence you need to check / ensure your Insurance company cover the complete replacement  and not £500 max for glass

Another issue is that Dethleffs will only supply via a Dethleffs dealer . Auto Glass  etc will say ” we can sort you screen for you , until they hit this supply line issue. 

WE are not aware of any A Class models that use anything generic; the screens are normally print screened with the Dethleffs logo of Bertone who I am sure are the glass manufacturer. Bertone are the OEM supplier for Dethleffs which could lead to  “the windscreen will be specific to Dethleffs” .

That’s not say it has to come from Dethleffs as there are a couple of companies that could help such as www.efkglass.com and www.psvglassandglazing.co.uk 

For the low profile van shape design  you just need to contact a Windscreen company or  Fiat /Mercedes / Renault  commercial  etc.