These keys can be purchased from any Service Partner for approx. £13.50, though they would need to procure from the factory. The key numbers range from 001 to 050 and will be referred to as STS, as this is not a high security key it’s very likely you could get this cut though you’d need to drop in to get them to cross reference their range of blanks. Any blank won’t record your key number, however provided your barrels are the original to supply when new the key number is recorded against the vehicle record on the parts catalogue so you could always get yourself out of trouble if you lose any remaining numbered keys. Philip has a valid point with a weakness in some key numbers as they can shear, however this is quite uncommon thankfully as provided the key is pushed home fully there shouldn’t be any force on this part of the key which is borne by the shoulder. There’s every possibility a full set of Zadi barrels and keys are cut with a number that also provide a weakness on the shaft of the key, such sets are supplied generically without the need to specify a number so your order would be random. Kind regards, Chris