My tap will not work . It has power and I can only get water if I leave the broken tap on, and turn on one of the wash room taps.

It is the microprocessor in the tap itself.  Sorry its a replacement tap from the Isny Factory via your supplying dealer or our Technical Helpline.

Remember, if it’s your kitchen sink tap, you may have to remove the oven to gain access to the tap fixing . Not insurmountable, but your dealer or qualified fitter, will have to re check the gas pressure settings. I don’t know how handy you are but here goes:

I believe your tap is the one with a spigot that you pull away from the tap to turn on and rotate it forwards backwards for hot /cold .if that’s the case then the normal issue is the micro switch connections you can access by unscrewing the spigot and the sleeve pulls off you should then be able to see if the wires have broken and if your lucky it may be possible to pull more cable through and remake the joint but it’s tricky.

RelianceCMS our tame agent keep the micro switches or the complete tap.
Complete tap is around £120.(2019) You have to remove the oven to get at it (not a cheap job as the gas has to be disconected).

I have the same setup and managed to repair it recently.