Many of you ask for replacement catches . ( its the same one for the Hab door and hatches)

These catches are an industry disaster as far as the habitation door is concerned.  They cant make them any stronger because anything more than a minor gust of wind would rip the fixing off the side of the wall or door ( as the case may be) .
They do not last and no one makes a long lasting one, hence you will see the duty bungie rope fitted to most van doors and underskirt of the van. No Dethleffs dont supply a Bungie . ( working on it !)
This one is being modelled by Otto.
If you rely on the door retainers , it wont be long before your door blows shut , re arranging the fly screen door for you as well!
They are a bit like awnings , much more than 10 -15 mph of wind , most manufacturers suggest fold them away , despite the tie downs sold as “Storm Force tie downs ” .
But yes the Club do have a limited supply , hence we cant supply a complete van full for you.
The other problem is Brexit insists that Every Parcel now has a £15 vat handling charge and a £15 Customs handling fee . This has delayed the majority of our staple basic supplies.