Q: My van is one of the more recent vans with a fibre glass protected floor. My dealer says it needs to have the damp spray as part of its habitation check. A Spanish dealers says it doesn’t ?

R: Direct from Isny.
“It doesn’t matter if there is a fibre glass or a wooden floor, you have always to spray the mentioned areas around the connections between sidewall and floor, as well as the holes for the wires and pipes.

Only thing which has changed is the matter that the direct fibre glass has not to be sprayed instead of the wooden one.”

Remember of course, it will affect you 6yr water ingress warranty if you don’t maintain the damp spray

The guarantee begins on the day of the initial registration or delivery of the vehicle to the customer, 1 year at the latest after delivery to the dealer, and is valid while the vehicle is in use, for 6 years at the longest. If initial registration of the vehicle precedes taking delivery, the warranty commences on the vehicle’s initial registration date (warranty qualifying date). A change of own[1]ership of the purchased object has no effect on the guarantee obligations. The guarantee expires if the terms outlined in Paragraph 3 are not complied with. The performance of guarantee work does not increase the guarantee period.