How To change your Dethleffs’ interior lights to LEDs

Just log onto the Members’ Area of Dethleffs Owners Club Website. Cut Your Battery Demand by a factor of TEN in 40 minutes!! We can now have every light on in the motorhome which makes it feel loads bigger and more friendly.

A few years ago, fitting 18 LED bulbs would have set you back over £100. I show you how to ONLY SPEND £6!!

ATEN LIGHTING are offering Members 15 % discount. Quote DOC 15 when asked .

ONLY available to current year DOC UK members with passwords.

I have just spent an enjoyable 40 minutes changing all of my 18 (YES, 18 !!) halogen bulbs to LEDs. This reduced the current drawn from my leisure battery from 15AMPs to under 2AMPS !

I show how to get to the bulbs and open the fittings , fit the bulbs and refit the fitments. recorded the photos and I have lodged the pictures onto the website as a slideshow which you can pause.

[button href=”change-leds-dethleffs/” style=”emboss” size=”xlarge” title=”View Slideshow”]How to change to LED’s in your Dethleffs[/button]