Spring cleaning, inside and out

Man the pumps! A fresh start to the season

Winter camping vehicles in particular need to be cleared of corrosive road salts at the end of the cold season. It is imperative that the salt is rinsed off, including from the underslung and the engine compartment. A thorough clean of the exterior is also advised if you use your motorhome in winter. It goes without saying that a vehicle should be washed in a suitable location, as the dirty water will need to be disposed of accordingly.

We generally advise against taking motorhomes to car washes designed for lorries, as water may penetrate the vehicle, for example through air vents, door cracks and décor, and get out of control.

If you know how to use a pressure washer, you can make sure the jet is not directly pointed at the ventilation grille or door cracks, electrical parts, décor, seals or skylights, unlike in a car wash. Be careful with the tyres, too! The harsh jet may cause damage when used at short distance. Don’t forget to lubricate all locks with graphite powder as well.

You might also want to be mindful of maintaining the value of your motorhome by keeping an eye out for any minor damage that occurs at an early stage. Taking timely action is key here. When the metalwork and plastic are clean, your detective-like eye should turn to – or even better, under – the vehicle. Keep an eye out for stone chips and other damage to the paintwork, small knocks and above all any corrosion setting in. If detected at an early stage, the repair work will be manageable. You may even be able to do it yourself with some basic knowledge. If you are uncertain, please contact your dealership.

If repairs are required to the vehicle’s underslung, you must make sure the correct materials are used. If your model features a GRP-clad underslung, you must only use products approved by Dethleffs to maintain it, as these products are the only ones suitable for the material. Within the framework of the water ingress warranty, Dethleffs dealerships will also check the entire underslung. When removing stains, it is also better to use specialised products from caravan dealerships, rather than aggressive cleaning products.

DH L9272 Klein

Now let’s talk about the motorhome’s ‘inner qualities’. After hibernation, it’s time to air everything out. This is also a good time to check whether all locking levers still work. Then give it a thorough vacuum and wipe down all furniture surfaces, cabinets and wardrobes with a damp cloth. Be economical with water here and be sure to wipe up any remaining moisture to prevent excessive humidity in the vehicle. Take this opportunity to check that hatches and doors lock properly and that the TV bracket is still sturdy. All you need for plastic parts is a soft cloth and water. A mild cleaner can be added if necessary. Do not use any solvents or aggressive or abrasive cleaners containing sand. Avoid using anything that could cause scratches and grooves.