Legal obligation checks

Admittedly, sometimes it’s not just our motorhome that goes into hibernation… We do, too. And it’s understandable: The days get shorter and darker and your next camping holiday seems so far away. But watch out! Don’t press the snooze button on any upcoming deadlines for legal obligations such as the MOT, vehicle tax and insurance. If you’re just about to set off on holiday, it may be too late to book last-minute appointments.

So the first thing to focus on when clearing out your motorhome should be the vehicle documents and upcoming renewal deadlines. Does your vehicle need an MOT soon? If so, book it well in advance. You may also want to service the vehicle.

It is also important to take a look at the first aid kit, as this also has an expiry date and may need to be replaced. You could even be fined if you’re found to have no first aid kit on board.

At this point, you might also like to consider taking a first aid refresher course. Do you know what to do in an emergency? Think back to a time when you may have relied on a first-aider and remember how grateful you were that they knew what they were doing.