Tyre checks and Tyre Pressures

Checking the tyres

The tyres make contact with the roads and are the number one safety mechanism on your motorhome. Those who don’t clock up that many miles should scrutinise their tyres particularly carefully. Now is the perfect time to do this!

Is the tread depth enough to last the whole season? In Germany and the UK, there is a general rule for all vehicle tyres, including those on motorhomes: the tread depth must be at least 1.6 millimetres – all the better if they’re even deeper. If the tread of your motorhome tyres is nearly 1.6 millimetres deep at the start of the season, you should have them changed as a matter of urgency. If you’re planning a tour of Austria, the minimum tyre tread depth there is 4 millimetres! Do not underestimate this information, as the tread depth is important for your vehicle’s road grip – especially in wet conditions.

Next, you should check the tyres for damage such as cuts or bulges on the sidewall. If the tyres are damaged, please consult an expert for advice.

The next thing on the checklist is tyre pressure. The correct pressure is very important, especially when braking. Having the correct tyre pressure will keep you safe on the road. The pressure will probably be slightly less than before winter. This is normal. But if you notice that the pressure in one tyre has dropped much more than the others, you must check it and the tyre valve for damage. Use the tyre manufacturer’s specifications as the recommended value. The tyre pressure is usually around 5 bar. Always measure the pressure when the tyres are cold, as heat can change the value. However, if you do measure the pressure when the tyres are warm, add 0.3 bar to your reading.

The tyre age can be read from the last four digits of the DOT Code on the sidewall. These figures stand for the production week and year. For example, ‘2409’ means calendar week 24 in 2009. The tyres should not be more than six years old.

Tyre checklist:

  • Tyre pressure
  • Tread depth
  • Tyre age
  • Damage / general condition
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Finally, check the filling pressure. It will probably be slightly less than before winter. This is normal. But if you notice that the pressure in one tyre has dropped much more than the others, you must check it and the tyre valve for damage.

Don’t forget to check the spare wheel, if one is kept on board. Fill it to the highest value stipulated on the vehicle.

Tyres Pressures  Michelin

Dear Chris, 

Thank you for contacting Michelin customer care.


Regarding your query, the recommended tyre pressure, for tyres equipped with metal valves, the rear (single) axle of a motorhome running on the MICHELIN Agilis Camping is 80 PSI (5,5bar) and for twin axle 69PSI (4,75bar) 


This is due to the construction of the tyre with 2 casing plies enabling the use of higher pressures. Its construction and the use of higher pressures is designed to cope with continual heavy loads sometimes found on motorhomes and can help with wear pattern issues, if lower pressures are used particularly on the rear axle.


The front tyres however can be adjusted down to a pressure of 65 PSI for a more comfortable ride and optimum performance.


Here are some safety points to be taken into account when it comes to tyre pressures:


1. Always check the pressures when the vehicle tyres are cold. We consider the tyres as being cold if they haven’t been used for at least 2 hours of it they have rolled less than 3 miles at low speed. If the tyres are not under these conditions they are considered to be hot.

2. When the tyres are hot you should always add 4,4 PSI to the recommended  pressure.

3. Please rememberNever deflate a hot tyre!


I hope this information was helpful and please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions. We are happy to help.



Kind regards,


Panu Koljonen

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