Following the recent enquiries about Michelin tyres and how long should we keep them , I contacted Michelin on your behalf for the definitive answer.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting Michelin Customer Service.
You contacted our department today for information about tyre age.

Our general advice regarding tyre age:

  • After 5 years of life – A specialist should inspect the tyres at least once a year
  • After 10+ years of life – We recommend that you change them, as a precaution, even if they still seem usable and if the wear indicator is not yet visible

How to identify tyre age:

The DOT (“Department of Transportation”) code is found on the sidewall of your tyres is a 12-13 character alphanumeric code in the following format: AA BB CCCC DDD

AA: Code of the production plant.

BB: Dimension code managed by manufacturer.

CCCC: Optional code that all manufacturers are authorised to manage according to their own rules.

DDDD: Week and year of production (for example, 0221 = the 2nd week of the year 2021)

If you see a DOT that is missing the last 4 digits:

Current regulations require that the full code be marked on one sidewall only, while the opposite sidewall is marked with only the first characters; so if you look on the other side of the sidewall you will find the full DOT.


For additional information:


For any further information, we remain at your disposal for any further information by email at or by phone.


Michelin is happy to accompany you on all your journeys and thanks you for your trust.

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