Wendy recently contacted our Hampshire Fire HQ seeking a advice on dry powder fire extinguishers in our vans :


Good Morning, Wendy

Regarding your question, ostensibly for fire in small caravans and motor homes fighting a fire with an extinguisher it is not really expected, hence use of detection, smoke or multi sensor to allow you to evacuate.


The service does not endorse any one appliance or media all can be applicable dependent on the circumstances and materials in each location.


Dry powder is not recommended for small or enclosed spaces as this will affect visibility and can affect breathing and extremely difficult to decontaminate an area after use


Co2 can also have a hazard of breathing difficulties in enclosed spaces and if not handled correctly possibly cold burns,  although is good for use in electrical fire situations.


Multi use Water mist, can be used on and can be used on lower voltage items as well as general purpose for wood paper textiles, water damage is reduced.


Foam for liquid fires/pool (petrol /diesel)


Chemical for cooking surfaces (fryers)


Water gas, general as Water mist but not in electrical fires


The reduction of ignition sources candles cooking surfaces lighting , the electrical supply detection and the fire blanket is a definite yes but the choice is yours if you wish, or possible insurance conditions you might wish to look at possible gas electrical shut ffs either connect to any detection or a cut off button, try to stay to the escape side of a cooking area when actually in use you do not want to try and pass this to get out, unless alternative door available


So the best practice  is as stated on our website for the basics.




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