Have you lost the illumination of your 230v and 12v lamps on your Shaudt MP2 type Control Panel ? If so, we may have a solution for you.

A refurbished exchange panel will cost £289 +vat and a new panel will cost £499 (April 2023 prices). By far the most common issue is just these two lamps failing.

A retired Member has carried out a lot of research and come up with a fix for DOC Members. Your led lamps for the 230v and 12v indicators can be replaced and if required, the intensity of the lamps reduced to prolong the lifespan of the new lamps and also to not be so bright and bothersome at night

These lamps are a fairly common issue across the Brand on all ages of the vans. Many newer panels changed within Warranty, so much so we personally we are on our third.

Only these two lamps will receive treatment in this service, so please do not send your panel if there are any other faults which require attention. The two panel lamps will be tested prior to commencing any work to check these have failed and that the fault does not lie elsewhere. Even if your panel has only one failed lamp, both will be replaced.

The cost is usually £95 + vat but for Members ONLY a discount can be given reducing the cost to £85 + vat. This will include the replacement parts including components for intensity reduction if requested. Upon completion an invoice will be emailed and once payment funds cleared, the panel despatched via either FedEx next day or Royal Mail insured, cost £9.95 (no vat)

This service will only be advertised here on this web page , so please don’t go looking on Facebook . If interested, please contact Adie at sccltd@email.com where you will be supplied with the full details and projected time spa