Correct on-board equipment

When checking the on-board equipment, it may be best to have a declutter as well.

In practice, even if you have a high vehicle load capacity, you will deplete your reserves over time. Vehicles owned by experienced campers are often overloaded. So it’s definitely worth taking a critical look at the on-board equipment you always take with you. Do you really need a bunch of extension cables, for example? Are the decorative stones you collected for your garden on your last holiday still lying around in the rear garage?

It’s best to take out every single thing you haven’t used once over the past few years. If experience is anything to go by, that won’t change this year or next. It also wouldn’t hurt to weigh your motorhome again. You should pay attention to the total weight as well as the payload capacity here. You will find the information you need to observe on the vehicle licence.