This is a very important document .

Particularly if you are importing a vehicle ( by  purchase or already own) back home here , or exporting for sale or to relocate setting up home in Europe.

It is a document issued  by the Factory ,new with the vehicle and hence becomes part of its registration documents handed to you on delivery , or even more important, one of the original documents in the handover documents from the dealer or previous owner in person.

Some are in English , but don’t be surprised to hear the majority ae in German and refer to “Homigelation” . ( or similar )

Duplicates are still available either via the original Dealer , or via our Approved Agent with a request from the Factory . But , and I hope you are sitting down, the last one applied for last year was €135 plus vat and delivery .

So as you can see from the opening comment      “This is a very important document” .