Free Help and Asssistance

We offer a free, by return email helpline for Members Only.  Parts, assistance, in fact anything you need for your Dethleffs, warranty or insurance help etc etc.

We get parts sent out to members wherever they are on tour (We have just obtained a new wing mirror glass and posted it out to a member in Italy, and supplied valuable technical advice to a Member in New Zealand …you get the idea)

[infobox]Unlimited Assistance, when you need it, FREE !![/infobox]

Other key benefits:

[box title=”Cheaper, exclusive,Members Only,  Fixed Price Servicing” border_width=”1″ border_style=”solid” icon=”check” icon_style=”bg” icon_shape=”circle” align=”center”]Your Dethleffs/ Sunlight/GlobeCar is a fabulous motorhome or caravan. It pays to keep it perfect, but members have been reporting high service costs in the UK (Up to £540).

We have ‘done a deal’ with a UK Dethleffs Approved Service Partner and some Dealers , to offer you  a GREAT DEAL on Warranty and Non-Warranty Habitation Servicing ONLY to current  members. (£150 Non-Warranty/£250 Warranty-includes Dethleffs numbered underspray/sticker.)[/box] Contact me direct for details or the general help line link. Prices for a Dethleffs service is @  £240 for non warranty and @ £350or more  for the dampspray warranty etc. ( hence the Deffy Deal is not bad saving for £15 per year! )

[one_third][biginfobox color=”#3B5997″ title=”Sell your Dethleffs” layout=”vertical”]Advertise to our community free of charge [/biginfobox][/one_third][one_third]

[biginfobox color=”#3B5997″ title=”Insurance” layout=”vertical”]Benefit from cheap insurance for your motorhome [/biginfobox]

[/one_third][one_third_last][biginfobox color=”#3B5997″ title=”Rallies” layout=”vertical”]Meet up with fellow dethleffs owners [/biginfobox][/one_third_last]
[one_third][biginfobox color=”#3B5997″ title=”Help” layout=”vertical”]Support on technical Dethleff issues [/biginfobox][/one_third][one_third][biginfobox color=”#3B5997″ title=”Useful Data” layout=”vertical”] E-manuals,  & more in PDF format [/biginfobox]
[/one_third][one_third_last][biginfobox color=”#3B5997″ title=”Factory Trips” layout=”vertical”]We can arrange visits to Dethleffs factory [/biginfobox][/one_third_last]



Want To Know More?

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Current Members just click on the button below to email us with your enquiries or click  Join Now button to start your membership[space size=”40″][button href=”membership” style=”border” size=”large” color=”#3B5997″ hovercolor=”#3B5997″ textcolor=”#3B5997″ texthovercolor=”#ffffff” ]Join Now![/button] [button href=”/contact-us” style=”border” size=”large” color=”#3B5997″ hovercolor=”#3B5997″ textcolor=”#3B5997″ texthovercolor=”#ffffff”]Contact Us[/button]

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