For those of you already over the Channel you will have to be guided by the Local regulations on moving around, even to find a shop open . I don’t believe even here in the UK, we will be able to “wing it” by stating our motorhome / caravan is our Home, thus travel restrictions will apply.

Not only our own GOV.UK travel advice, but whosever part of the globe you are travelling / “isolating ” in,  they seem to be moving the gate posts as I type, which doesn’t help matters.

Keep drinking cold water. It washes any harbouring respirtory virus from the mouth and throat to the stomach which will sort it ! Hence, other than stay as safe as you can, D.O.C. will not be issuing any specific Corona advice, other than if you have a genuine Corona bottle to return with its stopper, then it must be worth more than 6d now!