28 February 2019 

                                                A little update  

Dear All,

Well , after a slightly complicated start things have settled down and normal service has been resumed .

The Help Line has maintained continuous service in the skilful hands of Phil Hickman and already we have helped many a member . Again my personal thanks Phil .  Even if it’s just a one line answer, if it puts you at ease, then it was worth asking.  

Members as far a field as New Zealand and Canada have also been helped along with  The Shetland Islands and Cornwall. Also  members in Spain and France.

For those that do not know, the Technical enquiries run on average about 5 on a quiet  day , so as you can see, when you hear a comment to the effect “why do we bother joining” it is blatantly apparent a fair percentage of members are getting the help they need.  

The early surprise of Pay Pal cancelling Memberships ( including mine ) has been resolved now and the Join / Renew section is working well , complete with the Bank card option for those who do not want to touch Pay Pal  even with their best friends barge pole!  With these two, we now have another option for you.

We do not publish the Dethleffs Bank account details on the web for obvious reasons , but there is also the opportunity to pay by setting up your own Standing Order only with your own bank. If this mode takes your fancy , please email on dethleffsownersuk@btinternet.com  for the details. 

On the finance side, you may recall we started with nothing , but are holding our own now. Postage is our biggest outlay for the moment . For example , the New Members Welcome pack, runs out @ 98p ( pens to fat for normal letter) and can jump to £1.34 if I run over the 100gm limit . The white plastic door fasteners cost £3 and floppy handle springs are about the £1 mark.

For recent New Members who did not receive the Club 5 star hotel on wheels sticker, sorry , this is because Germany will be running a re print for us in April .

I have also been asked to consider a F.A.Q . section on the web page for some of the general problems we all have from time to time.  i.e. “how can I check my Solar panels are charging the Habitation and vehicle battery “  . “The 240v lamp on my control panel has failed , but all seems to be working”  “ the door handle internal release has gone floppy” to mention a few. 

Also other workarounds you have come across would be of interest. 

The Dethleffs Group Closed page seems to be running well and thank you for your contributions there  as well.

Thank you for your time ,

Chris &  Wendy Thairs