Windscreen wiper Motors for A class.

I have an answer from our approved agent for us which explains the set up completely :::
Thanks for your message, wiper motors are always a tricky one. There was a time when the manufacturers did use the standard Fiat motor however to the best of my knowledge this is no longer the case and the complete systems may well be supplied to the factories by wiper specialist bbsystemtechnik.

The parking issue could well be the motor which for your motorhome lists for 325.56€ / 0inc at the current exchange rate and the factory currently have these in stock. If anyone has been provided a six week lead this may be a canned response as that is a generic lead time for parts out of stock, or one driven from a stock enquiry with the factory.

The description of the part can be found below, BB may well refer to BB above
Elektromotor EC-Motor-12V-30W/°C MOTORINO TERGICRISTALLO TYPE BB403868
403868 does refer to a valeo wiper motor part number although it’s highly probable it’s the same I couldn’t oif course guarantee although it can be found in he link below.

Below is the current ” Valeo ” motor but note the connector plug has four cables. For example, the latest Fiat chassis is coming with Rain sensors as Standard , hence another cable at least .

Best advice is be careful and compare like with exact like before committing to a purchase .   Fiat basic motors do not Fit All .