Near the front of your Dethleffs Owners Manual, you will see an item on the Water Ingress Warranty and  ( depending on the age of your van ) some entries corresponding to the number of years the van has been around with the first 6 years laid out for Dates, signatures , comments and a Sticker .


The “Sticker ” is the most important part of this operation .  It originates from the spray can issued by the factory and supplied to the dealer , when they book your service . The factory have a record of the number  on sending the sealant can / spray can out the Dealer , The dealer applies it to your areas where you have a cable ,pipe  or fixing passing through the floor area ( YES , IT INCLUDES THE NEWER FIBREGLASS FLOORS)  , The dealer records the can he used and places his copy of the sticker in your manual.   They then confer , or on line , register that  “can”  to your vehicle and hence your warranty continues .

No sticker will be regarded as lapse in the process and the warranty will cease.

It will also be useful if , in the unlikely event of a damp issue being traced back to a faulty batch of fluid / spray  your van will be identified.

However  , very occasionally Dethleffs have been know to run out of the “stickers”  . Dethleffs will issue some replacements  and the dealer then has  to allocate them to his / her customers  AND register the number with Isny as normal.

Some confusion has been know, where ” A ”  dealer has tried to use this reason , mixed with Covid restrictions to say “We will send you the sticker in the post ” for every occasion.   AS an example, the sticker shortage has happened on about 2 or three occasions over the years .  How a sticker can get delayed by Covid , I do not get it , but these were some of the reasons mentioned.

So please , when either checking your anniversary date, wondering if you are covered or not, the first place to look is the Manual, Particularly if you are thinking of buying the particular van . No manual could mean no 6 yr warranty . Even older vans , with a complete  history will receive favourable help from the factory , but the initial years MUST be complete and only by a DethleffsDealer or Service agent.