We are hoping to move to Spain taking the motorhome with us this year.

We are then going to travel back to the uk each summer for three months to visit friends and family. At the moment the motorhome is registered at our uk address and insured at a storage yard. My question is once we become resident in Spain do we have to re register the motorhome in Spain or can I just register it in the uk at my parents house? Anyone else been through this?

It will depend where your Main Residence is. Most Countries have “Visitors Rules ” and Residents Rules for vehicle registration. For example visitors may have up to 12 months , but, as soon as you take up permanent residence, you need to register for Spanish residency . Very similar to UK regulations. …
We live in Spain and have been through this process. The existing rules are being implemented. You will need a Spanish driving licence and that means you cannot drive a UK registered vehicle owned by you when in Spain. Your van will need to be on Spanish plates. If you have owned it for long enough you currently wont pay import tax.