Water system and fresh water system check

Man the pumps!

It’s time to test the entire fresh water and drainage system.

Before the season starts, there is still enough time to inspect the entire water system in your motorhome. Shut off all outlet valves, including the safety/relief valve on the boiler and the wastewater drain valve. Do not forget to flip the pump’s main switch to ON. Now fill the water tank with drinking water. But thoroughly rinse out the filling hose or container first.

Set all water taps to ‘hot’ and turn them on so that the boiler and pipes are flooded. Set the taps to ‘cold’ and repeat this procedure. Then check the entire fresh water system to make sure there are no leaks.

If the toilet has a separate flush tank, refill this with fresh water, too.

Checklist for the water system:

  • Valves shut off
  • Fresh water
  • Water pump
  • Check for leaks
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