This comes up fairly often and at the end of the day, it is a choice for you as the owner bearing in mind your investment.
The initial 6years is part of the Factory water ingress warranty , and again a choice for the Owner and is more of an insurance policy for 6 years where any damp or water ingress issues are resolved at Dethleffs expense .
Unless you run your own Caravan and Motorhome professional repair business , any damp repairs are extraordinarily expensive.
If you have maintained the W.I. inspections and spray application for 6 years and for example an issue develops in year 8 and it is shown to be a manufacturers fault Dethleffs will consider helping you .
But more to the point is that unless you are fully trained in 240v mains and 12v electrics ; Gas , Electric and combination operated Fridges : gas , mains and 12v operated boilers and heating systems ; gas pressures tested for leaks , electric circuits checked for the power drain used to start electrical appliances and the list goes on .
Do all the lights inside work, cupboards function , does the drop down bed need attention .
All these things are checked as part of an annual hab check and of course ALL hab checks carry out a damp test which should be recorded .
A decent standard damp test meter is not a cheap item for once a year use.
I must also point out that all this is required before the engine, and running gear are looked at as well . Remember an MOT may not pick up a failing body to chassis fixing until it is about to drop off because the examiner may not know where to look.
So , back to the first paragraph really , you pay out your £70K , £90K or more for your van , it is up to you how you look after your investment .
Many motorhomes only keep their resale value because there is a service history to show the fact that the van has been annually professionally serviced . For another example would you spend a similar amount of money on a Ferarri or Aston martin and not have it serviced ?
Hence all I can advise that it is a personal choice for you.