I trust this will help with site electrical issues that appear regularly.

Electric Hook-Ups Know as EHU’s

The most common supplies are from a campsite consumer distribution unit It is usually mounted on post with up to 4 or more outlets . They are supplied via an RCD (residual current device) this is designed to cut off the supply immediately in the case of a leakage of current to earth and rated at 30 milliamps tripping current, It is then distributed to individual MCB’s (miniature circuit breakers) with either 6 Amp, 10 Amp or 16 Amp capabilities.

The way to calculate amps you use on any appliance is to divide the wattage by the voltage. The wattage and voltage rating is usually found on a plate located somewhere on the appliance . Presuming you are in the UK and Europe the supply voltage should be 230 volts.

Always check the rating of the supply in amps at the site supply miniature circuit breaker i.e. 6 amp, 10 amp and 16amps.

Here is an example of a 6 amp supply, the equation would be as follows:

  • Your appliance of say 1000 watts ( check your rating label on the appliance ) would draw 4.34 amps.
  • To calculate this take 1000 watts divide by 230 volts this equals 4.34 amps
  • Consequently the 6 amp supply would be adequate
  • With a little forethought you can use any appliance 1000 watts or lower on a 6 amp supply if you plan a little and only use one appliance at any one time
  • Obviously if it’s a higher amperage EHU MCB supply you can use more than one appliance at time depending on their wattage ratings. We travel in Europe every year and have used our hob plate, electric water heating, fridge, separate freezer, kettle and hair dryer with no issues by planing what to use at any one time.

Here’s a few more examples:
Our low wattage kettle of 600 watts therefore the calculation would be 600 watts divided by 230 volts equaling 2.6 amps.

Truma electrical water and space heating.
On number 1 element its 900 watts. 900 divided by 230 equals 3.91 amps
On element number 2 its 1800 watts therefore 1800 divided by 230 equals 7.82 amps.

Hope this helps
Regards Bob