Heating system checks

How to stay warm and cosy at night

In the early summer months in particular, it can get pretty cold in the evenings. Rainy summer days can also get cold and uncomfortable. So it’s all the more important, then, that the heating works flawlessly, especially if you were expecting a nice, hot summer. Start by removing the dust that has settled on the fan wheel, heat exchanger, floor panel and hot-air system. A small brush may be needed for hard-to-reach places, especially small nooks.

The next task is to descale the boiler. If this is not done regularly, it can cause long-term damage through corrosion. In the worst-case scenario, you will need to replace the entire boiler. It is better to descale the boiler twice a year. Generally speaking, you should not use any products that contain chlorine for cleaning and maintenance, as it will leave traces of irritants behind. If you have installed a combi boiler in the caravan, heat the boiler to 70 °C to kill off micro-organisms and bacteria.

Activate the drainage / safety valve at least twice a year to remove limescale deposits and to make sure the valve isn’t blocked. Then check the heating fluid level in warm water heating systems by locating the compensator reservoir and checking the levels.

Lastly, check the hot-air pipes: Is there a kink somewhere that would block the air supply? Are the pipes cracked or do they seem porous? If everything is OK, you can look forward to cosy evenings in the caravan.Heating Sy