I called Euro tunnel this morning (Friday 17th April) to discuss not being able to travel on 7th May 2020 as under the recently extended Lockdown conditions “we ” wont be Tunnelling our way out to soon.

If you booked with Eurotunnel DIRECT, for those who don’t want a refund , or want to travel before the purchase date anniversary , they are issuing travel vouchers for next year (2021) . I did ask if we can just change the booking from May 20 to May 21 and this apparently is not possible because they dont have any dates for 2021 yet !

Tel: 08443 35 35 35 Euro tunnel Le Shuttle.

However , if you booked via the Caravan & Motorhome Club, you will and can only deal with your Agent ( quote from Eurotunnel ) . What they are offering is to move your present booking ( if its in the next 6 weeks) they will move your present booking forward to a few days short of your purchase anniversary . ie as it is now a new booking in their opinion, the 12 months purchase date starts again, so when Eurotunnel issue their dates for 2021, YOU can call in and relate your ticket . Even for the Caravan Club just changing the date from May 2020 to May 2021 was to difficult .

Tel: 01342 316101 CAMC ( Caravan Club)

Hope this helps you in your pondering. and to travel or not to travel decisions.