Well, What a fabulous group of Deffies you are. Wendy and I have just got back from the Bank having paid in some £642.20 which is a direct result of your generosity and help making it a success. Also a special mention of Andy Beer at Premier Motorhomes , who provided the “ Mystery Raffle “ prize. It raised £50 alone. Excellent .

Despite 21 reservations, we managed 19 vans on site which could be best described as “Snug”. Friday was spent finishing off the Marquee preparations supplied with Tea and Pauline’s cakes, and welcoming the new arrivals, with 14 vans in attendance including John and Jean Clark , whom I believe are the Clubs most senior members, on route to the West Country to collect their new van, as you do in your eighty’s.

The evening was a BBQ with our guests from Reliance Motorhome Repairs. Darren, Sean, and Chris dispensed valuable information to all present, and so commenced the evenings fun in the comfort of the Marquee, now fitted with lighting and warm air heating. A very big thank you to Bob for all the electrics involved.

Saturday morning blessed us with a fine day and I met most of you personally checking the order for the evenings supper. Some took the opportunity to go to Romsey or Morrisons for a spot of
shopping, and some chose to just to sit and watch the world go by. The early birds got their Bring and Buy/ Swap shop/ or just make donations sales tables out in front of their vans. I think the jury is still out on this particular idea, but it gave an excellent opportunity for folks to mingle.

This of course preceded the walk across open Forest to Stag Bury Hill to take in its panoramic views of the area, including the Isle of Wight. There is a local saying that,  if you an see the Island, it will soon be raining,  and if you can’t see the Island, its because it is raining!

All safely back to a welcoming cup of tea and more cake, thanks to the efforts of the Security Team minding the fort for us walkers. Some took advantage of a nap at this point , preparing for the Fish supper and evening ahead. Supper arrived just before 6 pm and was eagerly consumed . This seems to have become a firm favourite with Deffies and I will pass on the grateful comments so many made about the quality and quantity of the food. Again the heating and lighting was tested and proved a great success , particularly with the Site Maintenance Operative now fully understanding the workings of the settings to get the best from the thermostat. This of course confounded the master plan for the heater to run out of fuel by 21:30 and we could all have an early night! Sorry chaps, by now with the fuel saving we we were able to extend opening hours, but to be fair to the wild life of Cadnam Common, we were all tucked up in our Deffies by 11 pm.

After a couple of early departures on Sunday, the traditional Brunch took place under the close supervision of our Master Chefs Bob, Phil and Ray. Thanks chaps! This also would be the appropriate moment to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Wendy for her personal contribution to keeping it all running smoothly, and as I tell everyone, this is a voluntary Team effort and there is no “I” in team. Many left thanking Wendy and I, and we accept those words of encouragement on behalf of the full team. Particularly those who just find a task and do it because
its there to be done. You know who you are, and the entire event would not happen without your background support. Wendy says Thank you Ray, you know what you did!

Thanks again one and all and hope to see a good many more at the Dethleffs Stand @ 11am at Birmingham on Tuesday 16th.
Chris & Wendy (Rallies Officer ) in case you need a posh phrase!