A member recently enquired about a missing Water Ingres Stamp/ Sticker on a 2017 Dethleffs he was going to buy. The vendor advised our Member that now all the information goes on to the Dethleffs System , there is no need for a stamp now to go along side the Dealer rubber stamp and signature. This vans has its 2018 hab Check by a dealer in the Midlands, but has no damp sticker sticker.

To stop any confusion, the “Sticker” comes directly from the canister the dealer uses to spray the underside areas of our vans . Hence we can prove the vans have had the first 5 years of warranty protection. Missing stamps will null the early warranty . This is very important.

You will also be pleased to know that All Dethleffs models need the underspary when new. This includes fibre glass floors, but only areas where there is a cable or pipe run , or fibre glass meeting wood.

Thus I re print the reply I have had from Germany on their “New System

Hi Chris, no this information is not correct. Only thing which has changed is the fact, that the dealers has to register every habitation check in the new GA Online system but they also put in their stamp and the sticker.  There is no new policy regarding the checks which says the stickers aren’t required any more. Mit freundlichen Grüßen 

So Yes , as you can see we still need our stickers in our Owners Manuals in the early years . They do seriously reflect in the sale price and more than ever the Trade In Price with a Dethleffs Dealer.